New Construction Homes in Fremont County Colorado

New construction is coming to Fremont County, Canon City, Florence, Penrose!

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Dena Stevens Century 21 Canon Land & Investment is Now an Employing Broker!

  Contact me at 719 369-9087 or to help you sell or buy property in Fremont County, Canon City, Penrose, Florence or Cotopaxi!

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Tiny Houses in Fremont County Colorado

Tiny Houses in Fremont County Colorado Tiny homes are the new hot housing trend. I get a few calls a week about moving “tiny homes” into Fremont County. And with all the inexpensive land available in Glen Vista and Colorado Florida acres it’s no wonder people are calling. But there is an issue… According to Fremont County Colorado Zoning “tiny houses” are not allowed. Neither is camping for that matter. And here are a few reasons why: 1) Zoning doesn’t allow it! 2) Water! You’re going to want water. Colorado has VERY strict water laws: 3) Septic. Nobody … Click For More

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Fremont County Colorado Quiz


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Glenn Vista Colorado Florida Acres Cotopaxi Colorado Map

Glenn Vista, Colorado Florida Acres Cotopaxi Map For those looking at property in the Glenn Vista, Colorado Florida (CO/Fl) Acres or Cotopaxi area print this map.

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