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Cotopaxi CO Deer!

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Cows Can’t Read and Deer Don’t Give Directions: How to List Vacant Land

Cows can’t read and Deer don’t give directions: How to list vacant land (Originally written 2009) Like many of my posts, this is written from experience & frustration. This morning I called on a vacant piece of land for a buyer. I couldn’t get a hold of the listing agent, he lives way out and has no cell signal. Nobody in his office had ever seen the property. The files offered no information other than what could be found on the MLS. Here are some of the things that, in my opinion, should be included in the file if not … Click For More

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Cotopaxi Colorado Deer

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Snow Day Deer Canon City Colorado 81212

Wanted to share my backyard visitors today. I see these same 6 deer on a regular basis. They were having the best time today. Canon City and Fremont County are so blessed with beautiful scenes like this one.

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Canon City Colorado Deer

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