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Cows Can’t Read and Deer Don’t Give Directions: How to List Vacant Land

Cows can’t read and Deer don’t give directions: How to list vacant land (Originally written 2009) Like many of my posts, this is written from experience & frustration. This morning I called on a vacant piece of land for a buyer. I couldn’t get a hold of the listing agent, he lives way out and has no cell signal. Nobody in his office had ever seen the property. The files offered no information other than what could be found on the MLS. Here are some of the things that, in my opinion, should be included in the file if not … Click For More

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Finance Vacant Land

Vacant land can be difficult to find financing. Most mortgage companies, that I’m aware of, won’t finance vacant land unless you are planning immediate construction. Some other banks may finance if the land is in a sub-division others will only if the land isn’t in a sub-division. So most potential buyers are limited to local banks.  Sam Cordovano, loan officer for The Gunnison Bank recently called me. He explained to me that this bank will finance vacant land. Some restrictions apply. But the underwriting is done right there at The Gunnison Bank. Contact Sam Cordovano, loan officer at 720 575-7571

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Buy Vacant Land

So You Want To Buy Some Vacant Land Agents get calls all the time from people who want to buy vacant land. With the economic down turn it is a great time to buy land. Walt Whitman is credited as saying “buy land they aren’t making any more”       A few things to consider before you start looking for vacant unimproved land: The seller probably owns it out right. It’s possible they have a mortgage but, around Southern Colorado many people paid cash. If they own the property outright they may or may-not be desperate to sell. Just … Click For More

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Financing Vacant or Unimproved Land

Financing Vacant or Unimproved Land It is still possible to finance vacant and unimproved land. Ask your local bank if this is a service they provide. Not all mortgage companies have investors for land. But don’t let getting a loan on your dream property diminish your dreams of owning a part of Colorado. You can still own your land with mountain views, deer, elk, hunting, hiking and more. Below are a few questions to ask a mortgage lender or local bank: Questions to ask about financing vacant land around Pueblo, Canon City and Southern Colorado. What percentage do you have … Click For More

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Locke Mountain Colorado Land

Locke Mountain is a great little secret in Florence Colorado. South of Canon City and South West of Florence, not far from Coal Creek and Rockvale. This gated community is partially wooded and partial dry depending on what side of the mountain you are on.From the North gate the land is more dry, from the South gate the land is more wooded. The views from Locke Mountain are incredible. In parts you can see for 100 miles East and sometimes see Pueblo Lake in the distance. From most areas of Locke Mountain you can see Pikes Peak. 2010 Statics for … Click For More

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