An Interview with Cathy Campbell from Canon City Fremont County

Cathy Campbell is a local activist in the Fremont County area. She splits her time between the Canon City area and her childhood home in Alabama. Cathy is a great resource of information, connections and friendship.

 How how long have you been lived here (Canon City) ? What brought you here? I have been here off and on since 1992

What activities do you enjoy around SoCo? Golfing. My husband likes fishing, golfing, and hunting.
Where is the one place you take visitors when they visit, why?
 I take them on the roads around here like Phantom Canyon to Victor, up to Hermit Lake, Skyline Drive.
What is your favorite thing about living here? People
Do you think SoCo is a good place to (live, work, start a business, play) tell me why and more about that:
Canon City needs to become more big business friendly, since we are a community of service industries it would be helpful to have someone to service. They need to limit large retail and encourage more IT, manufacturing and more global service industries like call centers. There is no reason we could use the population we have now with empty building and re-structure them to take the jobs from India and the Phillipines. With the rising cost of living in those countries and American’s lack of patience, now would be the time to market to those industries. Our greatest asset is the Coloradoans nuetrality of a regional dilect. On average we do not have the sterotypical Southern or Northern accents that turns off most users of a customer service industry.
We need more manufacturing and technology industries and to compliment our vast number of prisons. I think we could attract businesses like call centers, manufacturing, and IT development shops. Qwest needs to open up the large amount of network that travels the Hwy 50 corridor that ICG and other communication companies installed during the telecom boom of the late 1990’s.
If people want to contact you what is the best way to do that?

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