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Information for buyers of Colorado Real Estate in the Pueblo, Canon City and surrounding areas

Your Property Inspection

Inspired by Teri Isner –  Teri Isner broke down the property inspection into great detail. She brought up some great points. Basically, what’s important to the buyer. And what’s unnecessary and might kill the   deal. In my opinion (and I’m not a property inspector or appraiser, nor play one on TV) The property inspection should be looked at in 3 ways. What is an appraiser going to object to! Things that are health and safety issues really should be a priority. Broken or inoperable windows Torn or missing flooring Missing hand rails Peeling paint inside and outside Furnace issues Water … Click For More

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Buying a Home

Lots of people are going to give you advice if you’re thinking about purchasing a home. Your friends, family and even TV programs have advice. But some reasonable advice comes from The U.S. Housing and Urban Development HUD web site. This site has a great, simple, well put together list of what you can expect when purchasing a home. And I’d love to be your local agent. Feel free to contact me!

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Applying for the Mortgage Loan

The first step to purchasing property for most people is applying for a loan. The reason? You have to qualify for the loan and the house has to qualify for the loan that you’ve been approved for. For instance: If you qualify for a USDA RD loan the house much meet loan qualifications and an appraiser is the one who determines if the house is a good fit for you and your lender. Then the appraiser determines if the value agreed on in the contract to buy is reasonable for that property. For more answers on how mortgages work or … Click For More

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Gardening and Farming in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

People who have never been to the Colorado Rocky Mountain area have misconceptions about Gardening and Farming here. Either potential buyers think that it gardening and farming can’t be done at all or think they can grow anything here.         Things grown in the Colorado Rocky Mountain area include : grapes, peaches, hay, backyard tomatoes, corn, wheat, sheep, beef and more. Obstacles: 1)The Rocky Mountains are made of ROCK, much of it is granite. Soil is washed down mountain sides with snow melt into the valleys and rivers in lower elevations. There is very little natural top … Click For More

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Why Should I Get a PreQualification Letter?

You won’t go grocery shopping with out knowing how much you can spend, don’t go house hunting with out a pre-qualification letter from a  Colorado state qualified lender. You should get a pre-qualification letter from a qualified, State of Colorado recognized & licensed mortgage lender. This can be as easy as a phone call. You will be qualified for a certain amount of money and type of loan. This pre-qualification will give you an idea of what kind of property a lender will or won’t lend you money for. For instance if you need an FHA loan the letter will say that, … Click For More

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