Cows Can’t Read and Deer Don’t Give Directions: How to List Vacant Land

Dena Stevens Realtor (719) 369 9087

Dena Stevens Realtor (719) 369 9087

Cows can’t read and Deer don’t give directions: How to list vacant land (Originally written 2009)

Like many of my posts, this is written from experience & frustration. This morning I called on a vacant piece of land for a buyer. I couldn’t get a hold of the listing agent, he lives way out and has no cell signal. Nobody in his office had ever seen the property. The files offered no information other than what could be found on the MLS.

Here are some of the things that, in my opinion, should be included in the file if not also on the MLS.


1) Pictures of the vacant land. Yes, it’s true grass land isn’t always interesting to take pictures of, so take pictures of local landmarks. If you include a picture of the gas station at the nearest cross roads at least people will know they are in the right area. That 100 year old school house that fell in on it’s self isn’t pretty but it does give me a clue I’m on the right road. Pictures of street signs even a distance from the property help with directions.The deer or antelope picture was a nice touch, be he isn’t going to give me the directions I need.

2) Maps & Directions, Map quest, Google, public records and other internet sources are great, you don’t have to even find your car keys. Include a map from the internet if possible, or go to the court house and get a map of the area. Shrink this map and include it as a picture for the property. Better yet, get in your car and write out the directions and include the mileage. And time it from a landmark. If the property is ½ hour from the nearest rest stop, I’d appreciate the heads up. Turn on the radio, enjoy the day and  agents do your job!

3) Corners, Did you mark them? Survey tape can be purchased at the hardware store for about $2. A roll will last you a long time. By the way, not always easy to find.

4) Utilities, this can be a tough one. But if you call the utility company they can usually tell you how far the nearest power line is and if they can add poles to get to your listing. Call the local well driller, these people are a wealth of information. They will tell you what the wells are like in the area, if they had problems, and the average gallons per minute.

5) Property Disclosures, I get it, not every property is going to have one. Just tell me up front so I don’t have to keep calling for something that doesn’t exist. Many times sellers have owned property for years and have no idea what is going on with them.

6) Easements, again go to the court house and ask them. Many easements only exist on paper, you are many going to see physical evidence that they exist.

7) Gates, if it was closed when you pulled up, close it after you go through it. If it was open already leave it open. Ranchers some times have grazing rights. If you close the gate the cattle can’t get through. So please, please give me the gate combo! Colorado is a fence out state. That means if you don’t want the neighbors cattle on your property you gotta put a fence up. Cows can’t read 🙂

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