Glen Vista Cotopaxi Colorado 81223


Glen Vista Cotopaxi CO 81223

Glen Vista Cotopaxi CO 81223

Hello Everyone:

Just a gentle reminder that some of you may be under the impression that
Glen Vista does not enforce their covenants or that lots that don’t “pay
dues” are not governed by the Covenants and By Laws. They are.

Please go to to see covenants for every filing
in Glen Vista.

All lots in Filings 9-16 are automatically “paying members”.

1-8 are voluntary but of the 1162 lots in Glen Vista all but a few hundred
are already “paying members”.

All Glen Vista lots, no matter which filing, are governed by our active

And we are picking up the slack that may have taken over Glen Vista and we
are taking it back and cleaning it up! We are enforcing the 60 day camping
rule meaning you can’t leave your campers here and collect things around
it nor can you live in a camper, rv, etc. If you can’t do it in Fremont
County, you can’t do it here.

But most importantly no fires. No campfires specifically as there are far
too many expensive homes here now to worry about someone burning the
forest down for a weekend campfire.

I am writing to you as a member of RGAR and a Director of GVPOA and I
wouldn’t want anyone to have these surprises when you sell your lots in
Glen Vista and then your Buyers find out there are Covenants and By Laws
being enforced.

Thank you,

Sandra Christiantelli
Shining Mountain Real Estate, LLC

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