Historic Homes in Canon City and Florence Colorado

Florence Colorado

The historic homes around Canon City and Florence are cute, fun to look at and affordable! I’ve owned a few 100+ year old houses, I like to treat them like doll houses. I  dressed them up with lace curtains, stained glass and antique fixtures and furniture. The antique houses of Florence are what drew me out of Denver and to Southern Colorado!

Things to member about antique, old, historical houses:

  • They aren’t new
  • They are unlikely to have new appliances, windows or furnaces
  • They are likely to have cracks in the walls
  • The foundation isn’t going to be perfect, but if you had stood in one spot for 100 years you wouldn’t look so great either
  • They aren’t going to be ‘up to code’ …….. think about it
  • The trees and plants on the property are likely as old as the house
  • The septic, sewer and water lines are probably as old as the house
  • Houses are going to sag and squeak  a little in the floor
  • Doors and Windows may not be square and operate like you would like them
  • Basements aren’t going to be finished
  • Attics may or may not contain extra bedrooms
  • Stair cases may sag, lack hand rails and squeak
  • The ‘floor plan’ may not hold up to today’s standards
  • The rooms may not hold your modern furniture – like sectionals, over sized TV’s and exercise equipment
  • Unless added later they may not come with parking areas or garages

Houses around Florence and Canon City Under $100,000 and 100+ years old:

$100k Houses Canon 100 years old

$100K Houses Florence 100 years old

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