How to Buy a Colorado Ranch

Twin Buttes on Hatchet Ranch

Twin Buttes on Hatchet Ranch

So you want to buy a ranch in Colorado! Congratulations! Here are just a few steps to consider before signing the final papers.

1) It’s an Investment: Walt Whitman is credited with saying “buy land they aren’t making any more of the stuff” If there is a residence associated with the land the land could be considered more valuable than the house.

2) Utilities: Most likely you aren’t going to have any. Be prepared to have a well drilled or an existing well tested. Power will have to be brought to the property or alternative energy sources such as solar and wind should be considered. Television and internet might be obtained by satellite or if you are lucky fiber optics in some communities.

3) Surface Water : Colorado is a dry state. Surface water can be bought and sold as separate rights. If you are planning on watering cattle or horses this is going to have to be checked out way in advance. Surface water rights could be a deal breaker.

4) Trees : Trees add value. Existing trees are awesome! But consider adding trees to enhance the value and the future value of the property.

5) Access : Make sure you have access to the property year around. The county may not maintain the road including snow removal or grading. Be prepared to get out on your own and to shuttle children to school yourself.

6) Views: Take a long look around. Is the view going to change? Could a neighboring property be purchased and obstruct the value of your property?

7) Location: You’ve heard the old saying “location, location, location” if your property is near BLM, a lake or a forest all the better! Also consider how long it will take you to get to town, a doctor or shopping.

Check with the USDA in your area for more valuable tips. These are only general guidelines to consider.

If you are thinking about purchasing property in the Fremont County, Canon City, Florence or Penrose area please feel free to contact me. I would like to help you with your purchase! I want to be your agent.

Originally posted June 6, 2011

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2 Responses to How to Buy a Colorado Ranch

  1. Dena – great list – maybe explaining what surface water is would be really helpful – as an agent in a “wet” state vs a “dry” one I don’t know what the water complexities can be.

  2. Dena Stevens says:

    I’ll try to write a little on the different types of water rights here in Colorado. But bottom line is get a water attorney or at lease have your ducks in a row if you buy property and the water is supplied by anything other than the community.