In my opinion

In my opinion:

  • I can’t be an expert in everything and I’m not going to try
  • My thoughts have energy
  • Science projects in the refrigerator are acceptable unless company is coming
  • God does talk to me if I shut up long enough to listen
  • Jimmy Buffett has great insight
  • Miracles happen all the time, we just don’t acknowledge them
  • My dogs prefer my grandmothers afghan to my lap
  • What’s right for me isn’t always going to be right for others
  • In my heart I’m a vegetarian
  • My 10 year old Toyota will make it 500,000 miles before dying and being reincarnated into a more energy efficient car that runs on sunshine

In my opinion:

  • A sense of humor is essential for a long life
  • Good bacteria eats bad bacteria, and I still┬ádon’t like yogurt
  • People could be happier if they got more sleep
  • Chocolate is essential for live
  • Silence is the most pleasant sound on earth
  • George Carlin under appreciated
  • Hurting somebodies feelings is inevitable, forgiveness isn’t
  • A good vacuum cleaner is worth every penny
  • To many people gauge their lives on the amount of possessions they own
  • More people read my thoughts than I’m aware of
  • My father knew I loved him
  • It’s not a sin to enjoy Dos Equis Amber
  • Police officers must to have a wonderful sense of humor or they would lose their minds
  • I touch more peoples lives than I’m aware of
  • Sexy is a matter of opinion not press

In my opinion:

  • The most beautiful place on Earth exists in my mind everything else is a close second
  • Mathousala knew some great jokes
  • When my head is in the clouds the view is awesome
  • You never know who you are standing in line with
  • Living well on a shoe string is still living well
  • The IRS will come up with a more simple form, a post card – sign here
  • Loving the wrong person isn’t a waste of anything
  • Laundry can always wait
  • The opposite of love is fear
  • Even the “baddest people” on earth have mothers
  • My neighbors opinions don’t matter to me, I’m still going to line dry my laundry
  • The prettiest flowers come in the fall
  • Burglar alarms eat dog food not electricity
  • Large corporations should pay more in taxes even if it does effect their customers
  • More isn’t better, it’s just more

In my opinion:

  • The funniest bumper sticker I’ve ever seen can’t be repeated here
  • Living in the moment is easy to say and hard to do
  • Everybody is entitled to a safe place to lay their head at night
  • Sushi is under appreciated ( love you George!)
  • Art should be seen with the heart
  • You can form meaningful relationships on the net
  • Love is a common denominator
  • God doesn’t want me to be unhappy

Originally published in 2007

Inspirited by Jennifer Steck

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One Response to In my opinion

  1. Jennifer Steck says:

    Dena- I am honored that I helped inspire this post that is filled with such wisdom and fun. It made me really think because most of it is so true. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!