Living on the ranch : Hatchet Ranch

The inquires for and about Hatchet Ranch and Sikes Ranch are consistent, maybe even on the increase lately. And there are plenty of parcels, 40 +/- acres available for purchase. The Hatchet and Sikes Ranches are approx 1/2 hour south of Pueblo just off of I#25. Red Creek Ranch is 1/2 hour West of Pueblo.

Things to think about before living on “The Ranch

1) There is an HOA and covenants. You must follow the rules. The neighbors are very protective of the area and want to keep their home values intact. Yes, they are keeping a close eye on what is happening.

2) The ranches are close to the “mountains” and can get ample amounts of snow. Although the ranches don’t get much more snow than Pueblo does they can get a lot, feet some times, at one time. Budget for a shovel on the front of a pick up truck or a tractor. Keep a few extra supplies in the cabinets.

3) The school buses don’t go into the ranch. You will have to take your children to a central location so they can be taken into Rye, Colorado City or Pueblo Cty for school.

4) You can keep your property taxes down by NOT fencing your property. Allow the cattle to cross your land and save your money.

5) The Ranches are a distance from ……..everything. There is no convenience stores, doctors, gas stations, emergency services or dining experiences close by. Count on a minimum of 1/2 hour for just about everything even if you plan to go into Colorado City instead of Pueblo.

6) Yes, you can hunt on both Ranches with permission. But the neighbors may be sensitive to the idea. And for those who came to live amongst the animals remember they were there first. So they may get into the garbage, try entering the house or mess with your car.

7) The Green Horn is a SEASONAL river. And just because it runs into or around your property doesn’t make it yours to use. Quite the contray – CONSULT AN ATTORNEY!

8) The HOA’s keep the roads up and do a very good job at it. They only plow down to a house, if there are no other houses past yours they don’t plow any farther. And window chips are part of the package – you live on The Ranch now.

9) Most of the neighbors are nice people. Many live on the Ranch full time, many come down and visit on weekends. And SOME neighbors don’t want to be bothered, they purchased where they did because they want to be on their own. And the Ranch neighbors have communication systems in place. They stay informed via common phone lists and internet sights.

Red Creek, Hatchet and Sikes Ranches are far from being ‘built out’ and considering all are on 40 acres or more there is plenty of room and still have what you want, views and privacy.

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