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Sellers Can Help Attract Buyers!

Sellers Can Help Attract Buyers, if you are selling or thinking about selling your Pueblo, Pueblo West,       Canon City, Florence or any Southern Colorado property here are some things to think about. 1) Ask your agent to have a mortgage lender (or 2-3) prepare information sheets on what the possible price per month will be on your property. This will only be an estimate, but it will give a potential buyer an idea of what to expect in payments. 2) Buyers fear the foreclosure market. What if the bank that foreclosed was wrong? Can the original owners … Click For More

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How To Work With A Buyers Agent

This is a list that REALTOR Kathy McGraw of  White Water CA put together it’s to the point. Did you know: Your agent works on commission, not salary. If you cut them out of your home purchase they get nothing. (However, you can offer to pay an agent a flat fee or hourly fee in lieu of a commission paid by the seller) If you already have an agent representing you, you shouldn’t ask another agent to show you a home. Agents respect the client relationship, and an ethical agent will not undercut an agreement made between you and a … Click For More

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What’s a Buyers Listing Agreement?

A buyers listing agreement assures your buyers agent that you are serious about buying a property and that you, the buyer want your REALTOR to get paid. Your real estate agent has put in time, energy, effort and money into finding you a property. You don’t work for free why should your real estate agent? This agreement doesn’t obligate you to your agent, it insures that they get paid. An agent can get paid by the hour, a flat rate, a percentage of the sale by you the buyer or the seller or sellers agent can paid a buyers agent. … Click For More

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Dena Stevens Realtor Selling Real Estate in Southern Colorado

  Dena Stevens Putting the Real into REALTOR! I’m easy to contact call me at 719 369-9087  / 719 315-5050 or email me “Putting the Real into REALTOR” is something a client once said about me, and I like it! I am who I am, and that doesn’t mean I’m the right fit for everyone. But as an independent real estate agent I’m flexible, creative, answer my own phones, do my own paper work. You are not going to be shuffled from a receptionist, to an assistant to voice mail. When you work with me – you get me, … Click For More

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Zane Grey and Fremont County Colorado

American author Zane Grey wrote epic Western Novels. Avid readers still read his works today. He brought the “real West” to life. And I get regular phone calls from his readers. His fans want to live in the real West. The horses, the sunsets, the drama, the self reliance, the integrity and the joy. Fremont County lives by The Code of the West inspired by Zane Grey. It’s funny to me how many potential buyers contact me and tell me this is the life they want then go into great detail about what else they expect. They want to … Click For More

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