Real Estate, Gun Collections and Barf Bags

So what do real estate, gun collections and barf bags have in common? If your are a real estate agent in Pueblo or Southern Colorado you have probably seen some unusual collections while showing property. Everything from gun collections to antique farm equipment to Bronco football pins.     

Spoon Collection

Spoon Collection

Your collections of cook books, John Elway memorabilia, vintage televisions (or what ever) are not going to help you sell your property. In some cases you can offend a potential buyer. These collections might be nice to show off but unless you are selling them with the house, pack them up. Getting collectables boxed up and put away is a good way to start the moving process. You have to start somewhere so why not start with the things you don’t immediately need, the things you value, stuff you don’t want to go missing and the stuff that can put off a buyer from buying your property.

If you don’t want to take your collection with you or you inherited a property find out what the collection is worth. The internet is a great place to start. Don’t assume the ‘junk’ in the house has no value. In a recent article on  a a comment was made about people who collect air sickness (barf) bags. Who knew? 

One persons treasure is another persons trash. Don’t keep these treasures and collections around, pack them up, research the collection, sell it, but don’t display it!

Do you have an unusual collection? Seen or heard about an odd collection? Leave a comment below,don’t forget to leave your website link.

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4 Responses to Real Estate, Gun Collections and Barf Bags

  1. Pamela Simmons says:

    Dena, great advice, in writing my blog on this subject I learned that pez dispensers and all sorts of odd things are very collectible and worth lots of money. Things I would sell for 50 cents at a garage sale might actually bring $1000 of dollars to the right person. Another reason why if you collect something you should document it not only for insurance reasons but also for your heirs.

  2. Thesa Chambers, Principal Broker with Prudential NW Properties says:

    Great advice – I have been fortunate enough to not have to tell many to put their collections away – now the barf bags that would be an odd one 🙂

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  4. Betty Jung says:

    Love the title Dena. Guess we all have to have a sense of humor when we need to approach sellers about their “collections” and to remove them. Some sellers find it harder than others. Thanks for the great post.