Selling Your House During the Holidays

If you are thinking about selling your house NOW is a great time to do it, over the holidays. Think about it…

You are going to get a jump on the neighbor who thinks it’s better to wait for the holidays to be over or even wait until Spring.

The buyers who are looking in Canon City, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Fremont County they have jobs and are serious! They are armed with great interest rates on home loans. They don’t know what is going to happen at the first of the year, the new congress could be changing things. (11-2012)

Bank owned properties are your competition. But they are cold, the walks haven’t been swept, the power is probably off and the plumbing is shut down. How long is a buyer going to stay and look at a house like this? Not long. They will be in and out and back in the car off to the next property.

Your house is :

  • warm
  • the heat is on
  • the lights work
  • it’s inviting
  • the plumbing is working

Leave the coffee on, treats out and treat buyers like guests! Statics say for every 30 minutes a buyer stays in a house it DOUBLES the odds that they will make an offer on it.

(Video recorded 11-2010)

Contact Dena Stevens to find out about listing your Fremont County, Canon City, Penrose or Florence property!

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7 Responses to Selling Your House During the Holidays

  1. Dena is the Realtor to help you sell your property during the holidays or year round! Happy Thanksgiving Dena!

  2. Dena – a great video and fantastic tips for selling during the holidays. I hope you don’t mind me linking to it. Thanks!

  3. Sarah S. says:

    THANK YOU for this encouragement! I am SO TIRED of hearing what a horrible time of year it is to sell a house. I don’t have a choice — my husband was unemployed for 4 months and started work in a different city November 15th. Now is the time to sell our house. Our website pics are WONDERFUL: but so far haven’t translated into many showings. I am holding onto the hope that anyone who wants to look during the holidays will be serious!

  4. Dena Stevens says:

    Hal, link away! Thanks for stopping by!
    Sarah, procrastination never solved anything. Best wishes for a speedy sale!

  5. Ruth Rabold says:

    I like your positive spin for listing properties over the holidays! Makes sense here in northern MN, too. Thanks!

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