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Southern Colorado gets a lot of notoriety about it’s 300+ days on average of sunshine. There is a reason this part of the country is called the Climate Capital of Colorado. The four seasons happen usually in mild way. It can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer. But for the most part Canon City, Pueblo, Florence, Penrose and other areas of the Upper Arkansas River Valley are comfortable year around.

The Solar Power or Photo Voltaic industry has taken advantage of not only the sunshine Colorado offers but the rebates and incentives the utility companies offer.

Nestle, Super Dog!

Nestle, Super Dog!

This picture of Nestle, my 9 year old Chihuahua, demonstrates the power of the sun. This picture was taken December12, 2010 around 1 PM. Notice not only Nestle absorbing the afternoon sun coming in the South facing doors but how far the light comes into the house. The tile floor absorbs the heat keeping this room comfortable for most of the day. In the Summer this is still a very comfy part of the house. In July when the sun is nearly straight above almost no light comes into the room at all.

While I was first studying energy efficient houses and building practices I was fortunate to get to talk to one of this nations foremost sustainable builders. During that conversation I asked her where was the one place you would never want to build a house. It took her a couple of minutes but her answer was “on the North Side of a Mountain but even then adjustments could be made.”

If you are thinking about building in Southern Colorado please ask Dena Stevens for an introduction to a energy efficient / sustainable builder. Take advantage of the local climate and build a house that can help save you on your energy bills.

This is not only Nestles favorite place to absorb the sun, he can watch for stampeding rabbits at the same time 🙂

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Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004

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Loyalty and devotion are things buyers and sellers expect from their Realtor as well as the fiduciary responsibility of due diligence. Dena is a certified Ecobroker, focused on sustainability, energy efficiency and the environment and is a Certified Sales Professional from the Association of Home Builders.

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