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Why Should I Get a PreQualification Letter?

You won’t go grocery shopping with out knowing how much you can spend, don’t go house hunting with out a pre-qualification letter from a  Colorado state qualified lender. You should get a pre-qualification letter from a qualified, State of Colorado recognized & licensed mortgage lender. This can be as easy as a phone call. You will be qualified for a certain amount of money and type of loan. This pre-qualification will give you an idea of what kind of property a lender will or won’t lend you money for. For instance if you need an FHA loan the letter will say that, … Click For More

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Appraisals, Buyers Property Inspections, Sellers Property Inspections

  Appraisers : Look at a property to make sure it fits the banks guidelines and requirements. This might include things like making sure the furnace works, the water heater works, there are hand rails on stair cases and that the houses value is the same as the agreed contract.  These things may vary by lender and loan type. Buyers Inspector : Works on behalf of the buyer looking at the property top to bottom. The inspectors report will tell you a number of things that are or are not working in the house. These don’t have to be deal … Click For More

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Is Real Estate Hot or Broken?

On the radio tonight I was listening to my local NPR station out of Colorado Springs. The station had on a national expert talking about the economy and how fragile the housing market is right not. This persons opinion was that if  “they” weren’t careful the housing market could be forever broken. Today was an exceptionally busy day for me. This morning started off with 2 emails inquiring about property to buy. While on floor duty today at Century 21 Canon Land & Investment I had a man I have known for awhile call about commercial property. He’s expanding his … Click For More

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Real Estate Values, Apples and Buicks

“What is the value of my property?” A question asked of REALTORS everyday. The answer isn’t always easy. Some times it’s like comparing apples to Buicks. Comparing property around Fremont County Colorado is difficult,there aren’t many properties that look exactly alike. It’s not uncommon to find a 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Canon City on a city lot near a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on 1 or more acres. One may have city water and the other has a well or cistern. A Victorian home in Florence doesn’t compare to a Victorian house on acreage outside city limits. … Click For More

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Real Estate and It’s Documents

Some  of the things people hear about real estate: Save a forest fire a REALTOR and mortgage lender Real Estate is the biggest investment most people will ever make A nice couple came into my office while I was the agent on floor duty. They made the usual inquires about local properties, told me a little about what they were looking for. But the more we talked the more they told me they were concerned about the property they were selling out of the area. I told them to consult their agent, read the contract they signed and to consult … Click For More

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