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Solitario in Weston Colorado : Hwy of Legends on the Purgatoire River : no longer available

The Purgatory or Purgatoire River  meanders this Historical Hay ranch from the early 1900’s. A perfect producing ranch for hay, cattle or horses or a Great Executive Retreat with pond and river fishing for Rainbow and Brook Trout. After a day at the river you can relax on the the porch with the outdoor fireplace and courtyard, then retire to the formal dining room and enjoy dinner by the dining firelplace. The Bunk House was added in 1928, giving this ranch two dwellings.  A 3 bedroom, 2 bath bunk house sits under huge shade trees and near a few producing apple trees.  Two … Click For More

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889 Basswood Lane Cottonwood River Ranch Canon City Colorado

The Mountain Views are only obstructed by the birds of prey that float on the air currents and the tops of trees from surrounding BLM property. Cottonwood River Ranch is approx 1/2 hour North West of Canon City Colorado. Easy access to the Arkansas River, The Royal Gorge Bridge & Train and Cripple Creek. Contact Dena Stevens to buy or sell your Cottonwood River Ranch property. (719) 369-9087  

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The Canon City and Fremont County Lifestyle

…………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Real Estate agents are always being encouraged to sell “Life Style”.  It’s hard to describe the life style of Fremont County and Canon City – but I’m going to give it a try! Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Ranching, Gardening, River Walks, Community concerts, Mountain Views, Mountain Sheep, Royal Gorge Bridge, The Holy Cross Abbey, Abbey Wines, Good Friends, Restaurants, Easy Commutes, Jobs, Wild Life, Deer, Antelope, Deck Parties, Skyline Drive, Fourth of July Fireworks, Apple Blossom Parade, Pioneer Day, Visitor Centers, Horse Back Trails and Playing Dirty Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004!

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Canon City Colorado and the Things We Love!

Royal Gorge… adventure…explore…play…enjoy… Wine…The Abbey… splash…raft… zip line…eight mile… Holy Smoke…Arkansas River… Dinosaurs…ATV… Cowboy… railroad… museum… Fremont County…Ranch… golf…downtown… Michaels…blossom…Bishops Castle…Antiques…vacation… white water…aerial tram… incline railway…sky coaster…Brew Ha Ha… BBQ…Festival…Fiddlers…Florence…Penrose…Pioneer Day… Country… Gold Mine… CrossRoads…deer… fun… Apples…mountains… bike…raft…fishing…Nature…scenic… Contact Dena to buy or sell in Fremont County! Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004

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Southern Colorado Style : The Puzzle!

 G  U  C  Y  Q  K  Z  R  Y  R  G  K  M  A  E  H  W  B Q  W  I  U  T  E  E  C  T  T  N  V  T  M  C  J  E  I E  K  T  Z  Z  A  H  O  N  W  N  G  N  O  W  J  C  I E  S  Y  D  L  R  A  L  U  N  B  E  O  G  U  V  N  L C  A  T  G  W  T  T  O  O  E  K  S  M  Q  B  A  E  J N  L  U  A  L  V  C  R  C  B  N  R  E  A  C  W  R  R A  Y  J  S  T  X  H  A  K  A  X  O  R  U  I  D  O  E R  A  G  X  E  E  E  D  R  I  E  H  F  S  Y  Q  L  H U  K  F  Y  R  Y  T  O  M  R  I  V  E  R  J  X  F  I S  T  N  E  M  N  O  R  I  V  N  E  H  O  M  E  A  S N  O  E  O  L  T  N  E  M  T  S  E  V  N  I  R  C  T I  D  E  T  E  H  C  N  A  R  O  U  R  W  K  A  C  O U  D  X  G  S  E  U  Q  I  T  N  A  L  A  N  P  D  R F  R  H  L  A  T  Y  D  A  A  X  M  N  O  S  I  H  I K  D  R  Q  G  L  A  X  N  U  F  S  N  R  T  Z  H  C T  N  E  H  Z  O  L  Z  A  A  A  S  F  A  P  L  H  C S  H  O  U  S  E  L  I  X  S  L  U  N  J  M  D  F  J Q  R  F  L  U  S  T  F  V  U  V  I  L  L  A  G  E  S ANTIQUES FLORENCE INSURANCE ARKANSAS FREMONT INVESTMENT CANON GO LAND CITY GOLF RANCH COLORADO HATCHET REAL COUNTY HISTORIC RIVER DEER HOME VILLAGE ENVIRONMENT HORSE   ESTATE HOUSE    WordSearch Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004  

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