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Southern Colorado Style : The Puzzle!

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Southern Colorado Sunshine

Southern Colorado gets a lot of notoriety about it’s 300+ days on average of sunshine. There is a reason this part of the country is called the Climate Capital of Colorado. The four seasons happen usually in mild way. It can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer. But for the most part Canon City, Pueblo, Florence, Penrose and other areas of the Upper Arkansas River Valley are comfortable year around. The Solar Power or Photo Voltaic industry has taken advantage of not only the sunshine Colorado offers but the rebates and incentives the utility companies offer. … Click For More

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Hatchet Ranch Pueblo Colorado lots 37 & 40

Hatchet Ranch, Pueblo Colorado, For Sale: Lots 37 & 40 on Hatchet Ranch, Pueblo Colorado, both on Sunset Ridge. Lot 37 has views to the West and the Front Range including the Green Horns, Spanish Peaks and Pikes Peak. Lot 40 has access from Sunset Ridge and Horse Creek with spacious views to the East and the Spanish Peaks. Both are spectacular parcels of land. Excellent building sites, fiber optics, limited covenants, approx 1/2 hour drive to Pueblo, 1 hour drive to Colorado Springs or Trinidad. More information on Hatchet Ranch Contact Dena Stevens ~ REALTOR. Putting the ‘real’ into … Click For More

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Financing Vacant or Unimproved Land

Financing Vacant or Unimproved Land It is still possible to finance vacant and unimproved land. Ask your local bank if this is a service they provide. Not all mortgage companies have investors for land. But don’t let getting a loan on your dream property diminish your dreams of owning a part of Colorado. You can still own your land with mountain views, deer, elk, hunting, hiking and more. Below are a few questions to ask a mortgage lender or local bank: Questions to ask about financing vacant land around Pueblo, Canon City and Southern Colorado. What percentage do you have … Click For More

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A House, A Home on the Arkansas River Colorado

The lush luxury of living on the Arkansas River in Colorado,in a beautiful home with views of sunsets, mountains and jumping fish is an awesome one! Or how about the quiet cabin with the river view watching wild life such as deer walk past your window? But some things buyers don’t factor into a  dream home on the Arkansas River are bugs, mosquitoes, snakes, wild animals destroying property, flooding, occasional fog, mold and drop in guests who want to share your dream house. Most of the property along the Arkansas River is BLM, privately owned by large estates, owned by … Click For More

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