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Dena Stevens Realtor Selling Real Estate in Southern Colorado

  Dena Stevens Putting the Real into REALTOR! I’m easy to contact call me at 719 369-9087  / 719 315-5050 or email me denastevens@yahoo.com “Putting the Real into REALTOR” is something a client once said about me, and I like it! I am who I am, and that doesn’t mean I’m the right fit for everyone. But as an independent real estate agent I’m flexible, creative, answer my own phones, do my own paper work. You are not going to be shuffled from a receptionist, to an assistant to voice mail. When you work with me – you get me, … Click For More

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Southern Colorado Style : The Puzzle!

 G  U  C  Y  Q  K  Z  R  Y  R  G  K  M  A  E  H  W  B Q  W  I  U  T  E  E  C  T  T  N  V  T  M  C  J  E  I E  K  T  Z  Z  A  H  O  N  W  N  G  N  O  W  J  C  I E  S  Y  D  L  R  A  L  U  N  B  E  O  G  U  V  N  L C  A  T  G  W  T  T  O  O  E  K  S  M  Q  B  A  E  J N  L  U  A  L  V  C  R  C  B  N  R  E  A  C  W  R  R A  Y  J  S  T  X  H  A  K  A  X  O  R  U  I  D  O  E R  A  G  X  E  E  E  D  R  I  E  H  F  S  Y  Q  L  H U  K  F  Y  R  Y  T  O  M  R  I  V  E  R  J  X  F  I S  T  N  E  M  N  O  R  I  V  N  E  H  O  M  E  A  S N  O  E  O  L  T  N  E  M  T  S  E  V  N  I  R  C  T I  D  E  T  E  H  C  N  A  R  O  U  R  W  K  A  C  O U  D  X  G  S  E  U  Q  I  T  N  A  L  A  N  P  D  R F  R  H  L  A  T  Y  D  A  A  X  M  N  O  S  I  H  I K  D  R  Q  G  L  A  X  N  U  F  S  N  R  T  Z  H  C T  N  E  H  Z  O  L  Z  A  A  A  S  F  A  P  L  H  C S  H  O  U  S  E  L  I  X  S  L  U  N  J  M  D  F  J Q  R  F  L  U  S  T  F  V  U  V  I  L  L  A  G  E  S ANTIQUES FLORENCE INSURANCE ARKANSAS FREMONT INVESTMENT CANON GO LAND CITY GOLF RANCH COLORADO HATCHET REAL COUNTY HISTORIC RIVER DEER HOME VILLAGE ENVIRONMENT HORSE   ESTATE HOUSE    WordSearch Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004  

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Buying land in Southern Colorado

Below is an article by Kathy McGraw REALTOR in Southern California in the Pass Area / White Water. You can find the original article here : http://californiarealestateandlife.com “Over the past couple years-specifically from the middle of 2007 to now, land in my area hasn’t sold very well. Land values have gone down, but many of the Sellers don’t want to admit this is true. Buyers/Investors weren’t buying land like they were before, and this left many sellers frustrated. Why wasn’t their land selling? And you know who these sellers are…they are the ones who go Agent to Agent thinking it … Click For More

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Property Buyers Information

Attached below is a short form that you can fill in and print out. This will give Dena Stevens, your REALTOR, more information on you and what kind of property you are looking to buy, the area and other details. This will give both you and I a better, more focused idea of what to expect from each other. Although this sounds like a simple idea it’s important to focus and not waste time in finding the right property! We don’t want to look at or for the wrong property. If you really want a mountain view and I’m showing … Click For More

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Financing Vacant or Unimproved Land

Financing Vacant or Unimproved Land It is still possible to finance vacant and unimproved land. Ask your local bank if this is a service they provide. Not all mortgage companies have investors for land. But don’t let getting a loan on your dream property diminish your dreams of owning a part of Colorado. You can still own your land with mountain views, deer, elk, hunting, hiking and more. Below are a few questions to ask a mortgage lender or local bank: Questions to ask about financing vacant land around Pueblo, Canon City and Southern Colorado. What percentage do you have … Click For More

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