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Short Sales and Refinancing Your House

Today two people I admire put up videos on how to handle short sales or how to refinance your house if  you are upside down (owe more than it’s worth). If you live in Fremont County, Canon City, Penrose or Florence and need some help with a short sale or refinancing because you are having problems please watch these videos then give me a call if I can assist you in any way!

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High Meadows Florence Colorado

Nearing the end of the year 2011 High Meadows in Florence Colorado has had surprisingly good real estate activity for 2011. The information below is furnished by The Royal Gorge Association of Realtors. Neighbors living in High Meadows should be thrilled at the activity this area has seen. For those who don’t know much about High Meadows it’s a small newer community on the edge of town. While Florence is known as the “Antiques Capital of Colorado” it’s also know for it’s beautiful historical houses. The High Meadows neighborhood is for those who want to embrace a home with some … Click For More

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Real Estate Deals Are About the Timing

Deals are about the timing, It’s all about “the right deal at the right time.” We’ve all heard this before, right? With supply and demand being out of balance for the last few years it’s been about the “right deal” Buyers want something for nothing of course and sellers think they have gold in their property, but when the two come together it is the “right deal.” My first broker use to say if the buyer comes up a little in the price and the seller comes down a little you’ve got the right price. But it’s also about the … Click For More

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Find the Perfect Property

The “Perfect Property” During a real estate class I was told the story of a buyers agent.This agent worked exquisitely with buyers. In order to work with this high demand agent the buyers had to sign a buyers agreement (listing) for exactly one day. This agent was in such demand and his reputation was such that buyers gladly did what this agent asked of them. The buyers were looking for the “perfect property” This agent guaranteed buyers he would find them their perfect property. If the buyers didn’t write an offer on any house during that one day listing the … Click For More

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Small Town Colorado

Small Town Colorado Real Estate agents are always being encouraged to write about life style. That’s hard to do – how do you describe life style? I write so much about Fremont County, Canon City, Florence and the Penrose area. To describe a piece of land or a residence is fairly easy. I’ve written about the Arkansas River, Antiques, fly fishing, mountain views and so much more. So today I decided I would talk about the Canon City Daily Record, the local newspaper. Can you judge an area by it’s newspaper? Probably not, but the paper does give some insight … Click For More

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