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The Holy Cross Abbey Canon City Colorado

The Holy Cross Abbey in the Center of Canon City Colorado is an cultural icon. It is a great sense of history and pride for the city. No longer a monastery, the Holy Cross Abbey welcomes visitors and tourist to the winery. Also an event center, reception hall, Sunday services and lodging. Events like Car Shows, Heritage Days, Canon City Chamber of Commerce Events and Harvest Days are all held on the Abbey Grounds. Address : 3011 E US Highway 50 Cañon City, CO 81212-2748  (719) 276-5191 Dena Stevens “Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004

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Penrose isn’t on the map, neither is Heaven

“Penrose isn’t on the map, but neither is Heaven” You see this saying on bumper stickers on occasion. Penrose Colorado is one of those towns that isn’t really a town. But it does have a small grocery store and it’s own post office. The Gooseberry Patch restaurant is a huge favorite amongst the locals. The Coyote Den is the Penrose answer to Starbucks. And according to the Genesis Book of records Penrose is the home of the Worlds largest Rocking Chair. It sits in front of the Apple Shed, kind of a general store, currently for sale. And Penrose is … Click For More

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530 Freek Ranch Road: the puzzle

 T  S  S  E  C  N  A  I  L  P  P  A  I  E  Q  O  U  W V  G  C  Y  K  V  T  M  A  O  W  W  X  T  Z  Y  M  P E  R  O  T  T  Z  O  Z  Q  L  G  A  N  I  M  T  J  R V  D  F  F  Y  U  R  E  O  O  A  L  L  U  A  I  H  W J  V  C  E  N  D  L  D  A  Y  R  K  I  S  Y  N  C  Z X  C  D  T  I  G  I  J  J  E  D  O  N  Z  K  U  X  D M  L  A  L  Y  N  D  T  M  T  E  U  C  D  H  M  H  E B  I  L  N  O  E  G  V  C  A  N  T  O  H  S  M  F  C N  E  D  S  R  C  N  I  A  G  P  C  L  L  I  O  E  K Y  K  A  I  Q  N  I  E  N  G  A  M  N  V  F  C  U  B Q  U  X  A  W  R  N  W  Y  P  R  V  A  S  K  N  C  Y R  D  A  P  M  O  R  J  O  E  K  K  L  L  L  E  W  R N  C  H  C  I  H  U  O  N  D  E  H  S  I  N  R  U  F D  M  S  R  Y  N  B  G  N  L  H  G  O  B  C  Z  Y  P E  X  J  E  B  E  D  T  T  I  B  R  A  N  C  H  W  P C  X  G  E  Q  E  O  Q  N  O  N  A  C  T  P  W  X  E O  M  G  K  C  R  O  X  M  X  F  L  L  B  O  Y  B  O R  Q  M  U  G  G  W  P  Q  S  T  O  N  E  Y  J  O  L Appliances Fish Red Canon Furnished Stoney Canyon Gardenpark Suite Community Gate View Creek Greenhorn Walkout Deck Lincoln Well Decor Log Woodburning Dilley Mountain Dinosaur Ranch   530 Freek Ranch puzzle Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004

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Affordable Colorado Houses

There are still plenty of affordable houses around Colorado.  In the Pueblo area there are 31 houses under $50,000 on the market that meet FHA standards.  The conditions and locations vary, but if you are looking for an affordable house, here is a place to start!  Click here: $50K FHA Houses Pueblo Current as of 12-22-2010 For free no obligation listings feel free to contact Dena Stevens. I can email you properties that fit your wants and needs, no obligation.  Contact Dena or 719 369 9087 Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004!

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Property Buyers Information

Attached below is a short form that you can fill in and print out. This will give Dena Stevens, your REALTOR, more information on you and what kind of property you are looking to buy, the area and other details. This will give both you and I a better, more focused idea of what to expect from each other. Although this sounds like a simple idea it’s important to focus and not waste time in finding the right property! We don’t want to look at or for the wrong property. If you really want a mountain view and I’m showing … Click For More

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