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What’s Your Dirt Worth?


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Delilah Peak Canon City Colorado

One of the best kept secrets in Canon City CO. Delilah Peak is off of highway 9 and CR2. Each parcel is approx 35 acres. A gated community with a strong POA. The views of the mountains from the mountain are beautiful! Many of the lots either neighbor or can see BLM. Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004  

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Back Yard Deer Canon City CO

They are hard to see but I had 3 maybe 4 visitor deer in the East pasture tonight. Deer are not unusual to see in the Canon City area, I just don’t always have my camera handy. Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004  

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Appraisals, Buyers Property Inspections, Sellers Property Inspections

  Appraisers : Look at a property to make sure it fits the banks guidelines and requirements. This might include things like making sure the furnace works, the water heater works, there are hand rails on stair cases and that the houses value is the same as the agreed contract.  These things may vary by lender and loan type. Buyers Inspector : Works on behalf of the buyer looking at the property top to bottom. The inspectors report will tell you a number of things that are or are not working in the house. These don’t have to be deal … Click For More

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How’s the Real Estate Market?

Real Estate agents get asked all the time “How’s the market” My answer is usually “fine” Most people aren’t listening anyway and have already formed an opinion. But I decided to see how close my answer was to reality – Fine. Canon City, Penrose, Florence and the Royal Gorge Fremont County area really hasn’t seen the ups and downs that other parts of the county have seen. Below are some market statics just to compare apples to apples, so to speak. These statics represent 3 bedroom 2 bath houses 1000 sq.ft. – 1500 sq.ft. Land size, garages and other factors … Click For More

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