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Can I buy a $50,000 house with an FHA loan?

Originally published Feb 2011, please contact Dena for a current list of available houses. The answer is yes! It is possible to buy a house under $50,000 with an FHA loan in  the  Pueblo and Canon City areas. You don’t have to imagine a reasonably priced house in the Arkansas Valley, near the mountains, near the Arkansas river, a short distance from Colorado Springs and a modest distance from Denver. Ask your lender what kind of loan you qualify for, ask for a pre qualification letter and print off the lists below. FHA $50K Pueblo Houses FHA $50K Royal Gorge … Click For More

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Is Real Estate Hot or Broken?

On the radio tonight I was listening to my local NPR station out of Colorado Springs. The station had on a national expert talking about the economy and how fragile the housing market is right not. This persons opinion was that if  “they” weren’t careful the housing market could be forever broken. Today was an exceptionally busy day for me. This morning started off with 2 emails inquiring about property to buy. While on floor duty today at Century 21 Canon Land & Investment I had a man I have known for awhile call about commercial property. He’s expanding his … Click For More

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Million Dollar Homes Canon City & Pueblo

The supply and demand for houses right now is a bit lop sided. There are a whole bunch of houses sitting for sale and little demand for them. If there is a demand for any  style of home it is for an affordable home. Practical, simple well priced homes are in demand right now. Gone are demands for the Mc Mansions, Simi Castles and over built ranches. But these places still exist. There are some real beauties out there if you are looking for the “out of the ordinary” house. Call for lists of available $1 MIllion Dollar houses in … Click For More

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Williamsburg, Coal Creek, Rockvale Colorado

If you’ve never heard of Williamsburg, Coal Creek or Rockvale Colorado you aren’t alone. These three tiny towns South of Canon City are old coal mining towns many have forgotten. But if you are a resident in one of these towns you appreciate the lack of attention. It’s quiet, rural and most of the neighbors know one another. History is everywhere you turn. Old miners shacks sit among newer homes. And in certain areas the views of Canon City, Pueblo and Pikes Peak are spectacular! Less than 15 minutes from Canon City, a few short miles from Florence and only … Click For More

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Hello Texas!

Lately I’ve been putting much of my time and energy into my real estate blog site www.realestatecoloradostyle.com. Despite all that I’ve learned it’s still very much a trial and error project. It’s as if I have never blogged before and am learning all over again. But despite all the long hours, the mentoring and tutoring from others, I do feel as if I’m starting to succeed, even if that blogging success is limited. One of the things I’m learning is where my hits are coming from. I check my analytics at least once a day and this little tool tells … Click For More

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