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A House, A Home on the Arkansas River Colorado

The lush luxury of living on the Arkansas River in Colorado,in a beautiful home with views of sunsets, mountains and jumping fish is an awesome one! Or how about the quiet cabin with the river view watching wild life such as deer walk past your window? But some things buyers don’t factor into a  dream home on the Arkansas River are bugs, mosquitoes, snakes, wild animals destroying property, flooding, occasional fog, mold and drop in guests who want to share your dream house. Most of the property along the Arkansas River is BLM, privately owned by large estates, owned by … Click For More

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How Safe Am I In Pueblo or Fremont County?

How safe am I in a rural area? A question often asked is “how safe am I?” And the answer varies.  If you are worried about crime in a specific area the best place to go is the source, ask the local police or the Pueblo or Fremont County sheriff. Another good source is the community police blotter; see what the Pueblo Chieftain or Canon Daily Record news paper is saying. The neighbors are another good source of information. For those of us who remember Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitched she had all the news you could use and then some. … Click For More

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Is PITI code?

PITI is an abbreviation for Principle Interest Taxes Insurance these are the components that make up your monthly payment. When you apply and qualify for a loan to purchase your Pueblo or Canon City home, your mortgage company will collect not only what you owe them your principal and interest but your taxes and insurance as well. These are paid for you by the mortgage company to ensure that these are kept current so they taxes do not become delinquent. This insures that mortgage company is not left in the dark about past due taxes, past due taxes can cause a foreclosure that the … Click For More

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It’s a dark, stormy night, the wind is howling and …

  Written by Pam Simmons roofing expert in Pueblo, Pueblo West, Canon City, Penrose, Florence, Boone, Colorado City and Southern Colorado. It’s a dark, stormy night the wind is howling and rain is beating against the window pane, lightning cracks, thunder rolls and you snuggle under the covers grateful that you are safe and warm.  “ARE YOU”? Have you ever looked in your attic? Do you know for sure that wind hasn’t driven rain into your home? Do you know that your roof is properly insulated, ventilated and secure from insect or rodent intrusions? Your roof protects everything in your … Click For More

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