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Houses for $50,000 or less around Canon City Colorado

It is possible to buy residential houses for less than $50,000 around  the Canon City, Colorado area. Not all are in the best of condition, but with some imagination and investment it is possible to buy affordable houses. Check with your lender to see what loan products they have to help you buy these properties. Downloadable printable list: $50K houses April 2011 Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004

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Bank Owned Houses, is Cash King or Not?

Southern Colorado, Pueblo and Canon City have their share of bank owned properties. But it’s a competitive market and sellers are pulling out all the stops to get the buyers attention and stay competitive. Ultimately any seller will receive cash, depending on the circumstances. But cash is King and time is leverage. Cash offers can sometimes close more quickly than a financed offer.   Does a cash offer get a better deal on Bank Owned Property? 2010 Year End Stats: *Pueblo MLS: 182 Cash closes          List price vs Sold price   Avg 90.99%- 92.91%        highest 134.74% 270 Financed Closes List price … Click For More

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Bank Owned Houses Sold in 2010

Bank owned houses around Southern Colorado in the Pueblo and Canon City  areas are always of interest to buyers. But buyers are under the impression that the banks are giving away the houses.  Buyers bring lowball offers and end up loosing what could have been a great deal to begin with. 2010  Year End Stats: Pueblo MLS*: There were 469 bank owned (REO) houses sold In the Pueblo area. They sold for 95.46% – 97.07% of asking price. Compare that will all houses sold minus REO’s: 1743 houses sold for 94.86% – 96.88% of asking price. If you compare the … Click For More

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