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Find the Perfect Property

The “Perfect Property” During a real estate class I was told the story of a buyers agent.This agent worked exquisitely with buyers. In order to work with this high demand agent the buyers had to sign a buyers agreement (listing) for exactly one day. This agent was in such demand and his reputation was such that buyers gladly did what this agent asked of them. The buyers were looking for the “perfect property” This agent guaranteed buyers he would find them their perfect property. If the buyers didn’t write an offer on any house during that one day listing the … Click For More

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Small Town Colorado

Small Town Colorado Real Estate agents are always being encouraged to write about life style. That’s hard to do – how do you describe life style? I write so much about Fremont County, Canon City, Florence and the Penrose area. To describe a piece of land or a residence is fairly easy. I’ve written about the Arkansas River, Antiques, fly fishing, mountain views and so much more. So today I decided I would talk about the Canon City Daily Record, the local newspaper. Can you judge an area by it’s newspaper? Probably not, but the paper does give some insight … Click For More

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How Do You Get TO Canon City from Vernal Utah, Council Bluffs or Russia?

Since starting this web site I’ve been keeping track of some of the statics on it. I know what cities, states and countries visitors are looking from. I know which web sites get the most attention. I know how many and what pages people are hitting on. So what’s the big deal? The big deal is that collecting this information gives me the knowledge of how to better write and therefore serve those looking for land or residential property in the Fremont County and Canon City area. So if you’re from Vernal Utah I know you’ve been looking at my … Click For More

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The Great Real Estate Deal : Don’t Pass Up the Obvious

  “What’s the last thing you would expect a gold fish to notice?”  It knows if you get close to the bowl you might feed it. That stupid castle is always in it’s way. The plastic plants? Nope, the last thing a gold fish is going to notice is the obvious, it’s water.     Daily I get asked for the really “great” real estate deal. The property I’d buy, the one you pass on to friends first. And there are some “great deals” out there right now. Don’t pass up the obvious! Investment property: Anybody who has lost their … Click For More

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Fly Fishing on The Arkansas River in Colorado

When you live in Canon City or Florence Colorado you usually cross the river a couple of times a day. The towns grew around the Arkansas river. It’s not uncommon to see rafters,floaters, walkers and fly fishing happening around Arkansas River. And it’s fun to watch the fly fishermen and fisher women. Come visit Canon City & Florence, come hang out at the Arkansas River Walk. It’s a great way to clear your head and let go of your worries, maybe even catch a fish! Contact Dena Stevens REALTOR (719) 369-9087

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