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Land near BLM in Fremont County

Land near BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Fremont County seems to be in high demand. Agents get calls requesting land like this often. Not all of these properties have easy access, roads or services. If you are planning on building check with an insurance agent about additional costs. There are currently 2o Active listings on the Royal Gorge Association of Realtors MLS of more than one acre near BLM lands. The lowest asking price is $17,00 the highest $99,900. Down load and print properties: Land near BLM in Fremont County

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Real Estate, Gun Collections and Barf Bags

So what do real estate, gun collections and barf bags have in common? If your are a real estate agent in Pueblo or Southern Colorado you have probably seen some unusual collections while showing property. Everything from gun collections to antique farm equipment to Bronco football pins.      Your collections of cook books, John Elway memorabilia, vintage televisions (or what ever) are not going to help you sell your property. In some cases you can offend a potential buyer. These collections might be nice to show off but unless you are selling them with the house, pack them up. Getting collectables … Click For More

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