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The Arkansas River

Visit Canon City Colorado to play in the Arkansas River. Why not buy your real estate or investment property where you play? The Royal Gorge area offers many great ways to play, bike, hike, boat, float, tube! The Royal Gorge area, Canon City Colorado is just South of Colorado Springs and West of Pueblo on the Upper Arkansas River. Come play, boat, float, swim! Own real estate where you play! Canon City Colorado live on the Arkansas River!       Please comment and share!   Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004 D8C68C71-9195-D207-A83D-215D6FDAB85E 1.03.01

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Realtors have interesting jobs

Most of this week I’ve caught myself complaining about being busy. And I know better than to complain, because we all know it solves nothing. But as busy as I’ve been I’m extremely grateful to be working in  profession that I do. I get to do some great things. And in the last few days I have done some interesting if not great things.  (Thurs – Monday) I attended 2 separate funerals for prominent citizens of my community, because I knew them and their spouses. I drove to Breckenridge Colorado to see family, and it gave me some quiet time to … Click For More

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Every house has a story to tell

                                                                                                Every house has a story to tell. Many agents will tell a seller right up front what they think of a property pro and con. But there things we either don’t think about or just don’t want to tell a seller either. Once upon a time, before I was an agent, I owned a house in Denver. It was in a up and coming area, one with faults and flaws just like any other neighborhood. But people were starting to take notice of the Harkness Heights area before it became trendy. I had a cold call one day, before it … Click For More

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More guerrilla marketing

More guerrilla marketing.  There is always a lot of talk about marketing around real estate professionals. What do you do? What don’t you do? Not long ago I wrote a post asking if real estate pro’s left business cards on bulletin boards. The responses were mixed. I personally came to the conclusions that if I wanted to find a lost dog, adopt a kitten or was looking for a yard sale the local bulletin board would be the best place to look. However…. At one of my morning networking meetings I challenged everyone at the meeting to find one of … Click For More

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How's the infrastructure?

We all saw it coming and it appears that the issue of infrastructure has arrived! With the housing meltdown came the tax crisis. Towns and Cities are out of money. More and more I’m getting asked about local government. And those questions are obvious as we try to avoid pot holes while trying to view properties. A small local town in my area avoided replacing water lines for so long that it is now replacing the lines under duress. And that school down the street, is it scheduled to close next year? Sheriff and Police services are suffering as well. … Click For More

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