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Homes in Canon City, Florence, Penrose Under $100,000

What do you get in a house for $100,000? Amy Pollark on Kiplinger.com told us that there are some really bargains and beauties available around the country. Which got me thinking what is available around the Canon City Colorado area for $100,000? So I did a search, I came up with some properties, some in town, some out of town, some on city lots some on small acreage. Some of these are (currently) bank owned. Call or email  see what’s available for $100,000 houses or vacant properties around Fremont County, Canon City, Florence and Penrose bet there are some beauties and … Click For More

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The Arkansas River Walk in Canon City and Florence Colorado

The Arkansas River walk in Canon City and Florence is approx 6 miles long. The Colorado Lottery funds support the Great Outdoor project for parks like this one. Around the state established parks get much needed money for fixup and maintance. It’s nice to see more parks being built in neighborhoods, even in the smallest communities. Live where you vacation! Contact Dena Stevens 719 369 9087 for more information about Canon City, Florence, Penrose, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Hatchet Ranch, Red Creek Ranch, Sikes Ranch or other parts of Southern Colorado Please comment and share!

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Size isn’t everything : Hail in Colorado

Size isn’t everything When it comes to hail in Colorado, size is only part of the story. Small pellets of ice less than ½” in diameter is very common and can do damage to plants and trees and it can also make driving treacherous. It is also impressive to see piled up looking like snow in the middle of summer; however this type of hail rarely if ever causes damage to our homes. According to most studies It takes hail of ¾” or larger to do real damage, with older 3-tab shingles being the most susceptible to damage and Built-up … Click For More

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Ready To Buy a House! Let’s Go!

Now that you are pre qualified for a mortgage, have a buyers agreement with a REALTOR are you ready to go looking at every property in that price point? It’s important to really figure out your wants / needs / deal breakers prior to going out to look at houses.  You know what you want as far as size or location of your next house, you have a good idea of your needs, but it’s a good idea to know what you don’t want as well. There might be 100 houses you think you want to see, but 100 houses … Click For More

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Pioneer Day Parade 2010 Florence Colorado

One of the many reasons to live in a small town is events like the Pioneer Day Parade. Have you ever noticed how in smaller towns the community events bring out the entire community?  The Pioneer Day Parade in Florence Colorado is no exception. It’s great to get out and see people you know either waving from a parade float or waving from the street curb. If you are interested in living a more simple life, you can move to a place like Florence Colorado in Fremont County, just a few minutes from Canon City Colorado. The Fremont County area … Click For More

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