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Canon City, Dinosaures and History

Anybody who has ever been to Canon City Colorado knows it has a lot to offer. Known for the Royal Gorge Bridge, the Arkansas River, Rafting and hiking. But many people only know part of the story. Fremont County is full of history from the Louisiana Purchase to the Victorian age and back to the Dinosaur Age. This video offers a great overview of the area. The historic town of Canon City is alive and well today. With consistent employment, local entertainment and a great out door lifestyle people flock to the area for fun, vacation and to live. Please … Click For More

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The Great Real Estate Deal : Don’t Pass Up the Obvious

  “What’s the last thing you would expect a gold fish to notice?”  It knows if you get close to the bowl you might feed it. That stupid castle is always in it’s way. The plastic plants? Nope, the last thing a gold fish is going to notice is the obvious, it’s water.     Daily I get asked for the really “great” real estate deal. The property I’d buy, the one you pass on to friends first. And there are some “great deals” out there right now. Don’t pass up the obvious! Investment property: Anybody who has lost their … Click For More

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American Cowboy says Canon City is the Place to Live

In the Spring issue of American Cowboy Canon City was named one of the BEST 20 places to live! And Canon City couldn’t be happier about it –  we agree! From the American Cowboy :  “Major criteria for selection include outdoor appeal, historical significance, regional ranching activity and tourism. Editors also considered population, average land price, average household price, median age and the number of Western events held throughout the year. Winners were named for five regions: Texas and The Plains, California and Nevada, The Rockies, The Southwest and The Northwest.” Read more of the article : http://americancowboy.com/travel/trips/rockies# Come check … Click For More

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530 Freek Ranch Road: the puzzle

 T  S  S  E  C  N  A  I  L  P  P  A  I  E  Q  O  U  W V  G  C  Y  K  V  T  M  A  O  W  W  X  T  Z  Y  M  P E  R  O  T  T  Z  O  Z  Q  L  G  A  N  I  M  T  J  R V  D  F  F  Y  U  R  E  O  O  A  L  L  U  A  I  H  W J  V  C  E  N  D  L  D  A  Y  R  K  I  S  Y  N  C  Z X  C  D  T  I  G  I  J  J  E  D  O  N  Z  K  U  X  D M  L  A  L  Y  N  D  T  M  T  E  U  C  D  H  M  H  E B  I  L  N  O  E  G  V  C  A  N  T  O  H  S  M  F  C N  E  D  S  R  C  N  I  A  G  P  C  L  L  I  O  E  K Y  K  A  I  Q  N  I  E  N  G  A  M  N  V  F  C  U  B Q  U  X  A  W  R  N  W  Y  P  R  V  A  S  K  N  C  Y R  D  A  P  M  O  R  J  O  E  K  K  L  L  L  E  W  R N  C  H  C  I  H  U  O  N  D  E  H  S  I  N  R  U  F D  M  S  R  Y  N  B  G  N  L  H  G  O  B  C  Z  Y  P E  X  J  E  B  E  D  T  T  I  B  R  A  N  C  H  W  P C  X  G  E  Q  E  O  Q  N  O  N  A  C  T  P  W  X  E O  M  G  K  C  R  O  X  M  X  F  L  L  B  O  Y  B  O R  Q  M  U  G  G  W  P  Q  S  T  O  N  E  Y  J  O  L Appliances Fish Red Canon Furnished Stoney Canyon Gardenpark Suite Community Gate View Creek Greenhorn Walkout Deck Lincoln Well Decor Log Woodburning Dilley Mountain Dinosaur Ranch   530 Freek Ranch puzzle Dena Stevens Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004

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