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Chandler Heights Colorado

The first thing you should know about Chandler Heights Colorado is that few, very few people know where it is. Well off the beaten path, you probably won’t happen on it by accident. If you want to go explore it’s actually fairly easy to find. And if you are interested in quality homes, excellent views and a quiet life style, Chandler Heights is worth checking out. Directions: From State highway #115 follow the Rockvale – Williamsburg – Coal Creek signs. Approx 1 mile from #115 turn right onto Chandler Road, which is unmarked. But Chandler Road is just past H&H … Click For More

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Williamsburg, Coal Creek, Rockvale Colorado

If you’ve never heard of Williamsburg, Coal Creek or Rockvale Colorado you aren’t alone. These three tiny towns South of Canon City are old coal mining towns many have forgotten. But if you are a resident in one of these towns you appreciate the lack of attention. It’s quiet, rural and most of the neighbors know one another. History is everywhere you turn. Old miners shacks sit among newer homes. And in certain areas the views of Canon City, Pueblo and Pikes Peak are spectacular! Less than 15 minutes from Canon City, a few short miles from Florence and only … Click For More

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Real Estate Values, Apples and Buicks

“What is the value of my property?” A question asked of REALTORS everyday. The answer isn’t always easy. Some times it’s like comparing apples to Buicks. Comparing property around Fremont County Colorado is difficult,there aren’t many properties that look exactly alike. It’s not uncommon to find a 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Canon City on a city lot near a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on 1 or more acres. One may have city water and the other has a well or cistern. A Victorian home in Florence doesn’t compare to a Victorian house on acreage outside city limits. … Click For More

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The sound of the economy in Fremont County

The “Tri City” area of Fremont County is made up of the tiny towns of Williamsburg, Rockvale and Coal Creek. The population of these towns is approx 1500 provided nobody left for vacation or has family visiting. Towns so small that they are difficult to find on a map. These towns are so tiny that the economy has had very little effect on them. Once coal mining towns their hay day is long gone. At Central Ave and Oak Creek there is a side track. A set of railroad track that go nowhere. For the last several years empty train … Click For More

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The “Tri City” Area of Fremont County

The areas of Rockvale, Williamsburg and Coal Creek are lovingly referred to as the “Tri City” area of Fremont County. Each has apporx 400 people. Just South of Canon City and slightly South West of Florence this area has a long and varied history that includes : John D. Rockefeller, mining, professional baseball teams, historic fires, oil wells, wild life and generations of families that still live in the area. Nestled against Chandler Mesa it’s easy to get to the area off of Hwy #115 up McCumber hill or out of Florence on County Rd 13A. If you know the … Click For More

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