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How to Give Directions in Canon City CO

Most cities and towns have their own way of giving instructions especially if you are a local. Around Canon City you will hear terms like: RGB which is short for Royal Gorge Blvd 8 Mile Hill is the long stretch of highway 50 between Old Max (the old territorial prison)  and the Royal Gorge Bridge Area Pump Hill is Park Ave in the Lincoln Park area Copper Gulch or Cotopaxi can be most anything between Salida and Canon City Tallahassee might be anything up highway 9 between Royal Gorge and Guffy The Skyline area is the area around North 5th … Click For More

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Selling Your House During the Winter Months

Selling Your House During the Winter Months Here are a few thoughts if you are trying to sell your home during the winter. Keep these items in mind and help sell your house when your competition is a cold vacant REO or forclosed property. Turn the lights on and open the drapes and blinds. Lights help make a space not only more inviting but makes them look bigger. Safety first, turn on outdoor lights as well. Control the smells, a challenge year around. In the winter it’s hard to open the windows to allow the smells to dissipate. Encourage daylight … Click For More

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Live and Play in Canon City Colorado

Those of us who live in the Fremont County Canon City area know what the area has to offer. Yes, we live in “The Climate Capital of Colorado” but there is so much more. As a Realtor I get to see and experience much of what Southern Colorado has to offer. I can’t  imagine living any where else. This video is a great example of the #1 reasons to live where you play! Contact Dena Stevens to buy or sell in Fremont County, Canon City, Penrose, Florence or the surround area.

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Canon City Colorado Postcard

A small collection of pictures taken around Canon City Colorado. Just a taste of what Canon City has to offer.

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Royal Gorge Bridge Tram Canon City CO

Most people see the Royal Gorge Tram when they visit Canon City. Then there are those of us who live here! Taken October 2011    

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