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Free things to do in Fremont County Colorado

Free things to do in Fremont County. Please comment and share, add to the list! 1) View the Royal Gorge Bridge from the picnic area, just before the park entrance. 2) Skyline Drive is a few miles of adrenaline. View the city from great heights. 3) Gold Belt Tour takes you from Canon City to Cripple Creek. View history from your car.   4) Walk downtown Florence “a great little town with a big heart” it’s the antiques capital of Colorado. 5) Walk the river walk along theArkansas River, miles of maintained picture taking opportunity. 6) Take a dip in … Click For More

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Home Buyer Myths

Home buyers shouldn’t believe all the myths around these days. They should be cautious and very educated but don’t believe everything you hear. Myth 1 : The longer a property is on the market the more you can negotiate down the price. Wrong, unless the seller tells you they are in a desperate situation they may not be willing to negotiate at all. They may not need to sell. Maybe they are just fishing to see who will bite. Myth 2: Sellers are desprite. Wrong, not all sellers have to sell. They might just be thinking about a lifestyle change. … Click For More

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Bank Owned Property for less than $100,000 in the Royal Gorge area

You can still find deals in real estate in the Royal Gorge, Canon City area, in the form of bank owned property and for less than $100,000.  Below are lists of these properties. Be prepared to make offers with pre qualification letters or proof of funds attached. Property inspections are always recommended but don’t expect the bank to pay for repairs. Contact the utilities prior to your inspection to make sure the power and water are operating.  Banks are not giving property away, but if you are diligent and prepared you might find a deal! Bank owned property in the Royal Gorge MLS … Click For More

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A House, A Home on the Arkansas River Colorado

The lush luxury of living on the Arkansas River in Colorado,in a beautiful home with views of sunsets, mountains and jumping fish is an awesome one! Or how about the quiet cabin with the river view watching wild life such as deer walk past your window? But some things buyers don’t factor into a  dream home on the Arkansas River are bugs, mosquitoes, snakes, wild animals destroying property, flooding, occasional fog, mold and drop in guests who want to share your dream house. Most of the property along the Arkansas River is BLM, privately owned by large estates, owned by … Click For More

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Buy property on the Arkansas River

If you want to buy property along the Arkansas River in either Pueblo or Fremont county you aren’t alone! It’s purely supply and demand for river front property. And if you just want a river view, you’ll have to wait for that too! Most of the land along the Arkansas River is spoken for either by the State, County or City, even BLM. Large portions of undeveloped land along the Arkansas River are privately owned and have been passed down generation to generation. The land you see along the river that is not developed is probably in conservation, it will … Click For More

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