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Water, Ponds and Streams in Colorado

Real Estate Agents are always getting requests for Colorado Land that has water, ponds and streams. These properties are few and far between in a high and dry state. Most of the time Colorado is in drought, water is scarce. If there is property available with any kind of water, pond or stream on it, it comes at a price and may not include the water rights. Water rights can be sold separately in Colorado.  If you do find land that includes water rights, ponds or streams consult an attorney to make sure you are getting what you expect and … Click For More

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Colorado Wells

If you  are considering buying a Colorado property with a well or planning on drilling a well on a property please consult an attorney, one who specializes in water rights and permits. Water is a BIG deal in Colorado. Often banks and other lenders will not loan money on existing property if water isn’t available. A buyer should do his / her due diligence when it comes to an existing well. Consult the Colorado Division of Water Resources for more information 303 866-3581 Talk to a local well driller for information about specific areas. Well drillers are a wealth of … Click For More

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