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Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Colorado

Carbon Monoxide Alarms are now required for all residential properties in Colorado . There seems to be some confusion on whether or not they need to be in every home now or only when offered for sale. But why wait? If you have a carbon monoxide problem wouldn’t you rather know about it sooner than later?  After all, later might be deadly. Please Comment and Share! Great article about smoke alarms : http://www.centraloregonbuzz.com/blog/central-oregon-real-estate-sales-and-smoke-alarms Carbon Monoxide Alarms: On March 25, 2009, Governor Bill Ritter signed into law Colorado House Bill 1091 requiring the installation of carbon monoxide alarms in residential properties. … Click For More

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The sound of the economy in Fremont County

The “Tri City” area of Fremont County is made up of the tiny towns of Williamsburg, Rockvale and Coal Creek. The population of these towns is approx 1500 provided nobody left for vacation or has family visiting. Towns so small that they are difficult to find on a map. These towns are so tiny that the economy has had very little effect on them. Once coal mining towns their hay day is long gone. At Central Ave and Oak Creek there is a side track. A set of railroad track that go nowhere. For the last several years empty train … Click For More

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My Colorado View

When I moved to Colorado in the early 1980’s with my family, my mom decided there was no reason to live anywhere there was not a view.  I don’t think the entire time she lived in Colorado she had a view of anything other than the neighbors. This picture was taken Sept 8,2010 from my back door near Canon City. I’ve taken this same picture dozens of times. Some times late in the day, early in the day, when there was snow around, or smoke from a fire. The shadows are always different, some times the mountains look greener than … Click For More

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How Safe Am I In Pueblo or Fremont County?

How safe am I in a rural area? A question often asked is “how safe am I?” And the answer varies.  If you are worried about crime in a specific area the best place to go is the source, ask the local police or the Pueblo or Fremont County sheriff. Another good source is the community police blotter; see what the Pueblo Chieftain or Canon Daily Record news paper is saying. The neighbors are another good source of information. For those of us who remember Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitched she had all the news you could use and then some. … Click For More

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I love my sellers, spider plants et al…

It’s not necessary and yet not unusual for a real estate  client to say thank you to me in some way or form. Sometimes they take me to lunch, give me a bottle of wine or handmade blanket…. I know a REALTOR who was given a pure bred puppy. But because my sellers didn’t want to move and didn’t have space for it, I was given a HUGE spider plant. Fortunately, I love plants and I do have space for it. At the moment it’s sitting on the open stair case in my house. Believe it or not, everything in the … Click For More

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