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Affordable Colorado Houses

There are still plenty of affordable houses around Colorado.  In the Pueblo area there are 31 houses under $50,000 on the market that meet FHA standards.  The conditions and locations vary, but if you are looking for an affordable house, here is a place to start!  Click here: $50K FHA Houses Pueblo Current as of 12-22-2010 For free no obligation listings feel free to contact Dena Stevens. I can email you properties that fit your wants and needs, no obligation.  Contact Dena or 719 369 9087 Putting the ‘real’ into REALTOR since 2004!

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Homes in Canon City, Florence, Penrose Under $100,000

What do you get in a house for $100,000? Amy Pollark on Kiplinger.com told us that there are some really bargains and beauties available around the country. Which got me thinking what is available around the Canon City Colorado area for $100,000? So I did a search, I came up with some properties, some in town, some out of town, some on city lots some on small acreage. Some of these are (currently) bank owned. Call or email  see what’s available for $100,000 houses or vacant properties around Fremont County, Canon City, Florence and Penrose bet there are some beauties and … Click For More

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Financing Vacant or Unimproved Land

Financing Vacant or Unimproved Land It is still possible to finance vacant and unimproved land. Ask your local bank if this is a service they provide. Not all mortgage companies have investors for land. But don’t let getting a loan on your dream property diminish your dreams of owning a part of Colorado. You can still own your land with mountain views, deer, elk, hunting, hiking and more. Below are a few questions to ask a mortgage lender or local bank: Questions to ask about financing vacant land around Pueblo, Canon City and Southern Colorado. What percentage do you have … Click For More

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12630 Hwy 12 Weston Colorado

http://www.realestatecoloradostyle.com/solitario-in-weston-colorado Area information : http://www.viewzone.com/purg1.html

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Real Estate Sellers Myths

Sellers need to educate themselves on all the facts of selling in a difficult market. Arm yourself with a Great Realtor and some facts. Know what the market is doing in your area, how is your property most like or different than the neighbors and do those differences make that big a difference. Myth 1: Now is a bad time to sell. Wrong, now maybe the best time to sell. The buyers who are out looking are serious and they have low interest loans at hand. They can buy more houses now than they can when interest rates go up … Click For More

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