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Disclaimer : the stories below have been altered to protect the innocent, professionals involved and the ridiculous. The overall stories are meant to entertain, names, places and events may have been changed. These stories are meant only to entertain.

If you want to hear some fun, silly or stupid stories sit down with an agent. I can only speak for myself, I can’t say I’ve seen it all but I have see some unusual things in this job.

1) There was a listing in the center of town that had a main level and an equal sized basement, almost an  exact copy of the main floor. An elderly woman lived on the main level. The furniture was dusted, clean, doilies were in place, vases filled, dishes done. In the basement lived her adult grandson…..who ran a adult web site…… The proof of his employment was stapled all over the walls. The projection TV mounted to the wall near the red velvet sofa added to the “atmosphere”. This property told 2 very different stories.

2) One of my first listings was a great property in the center of town walking distance to everything. The house had been well maintained and loved. The listing was empty. The buyers mortgage lender called me (not the buyers agent) and asked if the buyers could go over and water the lawn. After all it was summer time, the house was empty and nobody wanted the lawn to suffer. The day of closing I went over to the listing to remove the sign and lock box and found THE ENTIRE BACKYARD HAD BEEN RE LANDSCAPED!

3) The seller asked that the property NEVER be shown unless she was home, no lock box could be placed on the property. Her wolves(yes real!) could not be trusted with strangers. Yes, the property sold, for asking price. The seller and her wolvess left the country. Please don’t ask how she managed to get the wolvess transported or their papers in order.

4) The seller showed up at the title company on time as did the buyers, the closing went off with out a hitch. Later that night, around 5PM the title company called to tell me all the issues had been fixed. What? The title company had missed one document that still needed to be signed. The seller showed up shall we say skunked??????? The employees of the title company had the one (1) document signed and drove the seller home and stayed with her until her family arrived to take over. She couldn’t be left alone for obvious reasons. The title company assured me everything was legal because the seller had signed all the important documents while sober the missed document was a formality.

5) The appraiser was told he had to go to the listing companies office to obtain keys to the property. He was also told to call ahead, the tentants don’t like to be disturbed. The appraiser did not follow instructions and had a gun pulled on him, no joke. I have no doubt that the appraiser had a new pair of pants by the end of the day.

6) The people who wanted to see my listing had called last minute and I rushed to get there in time. The sliding door was shattered into a thousound pieces. The potiential buyers arrived on my heal. They were soooooooo nice! They walked the house ahead of me to see if there was anybody in the house or any other damage. There wasn’t any thing else wrong and the property did not go under contract that day.

7) I had about 6 listings to show one day. The second listing I was warned not to let “the dog” out. We  entered this VERY nice house to find incence burning and placed into EVERY house plant. The house didn’t smell like incense or anything else. As we explored the house we found the dog locked in a room that had a glass door – we could see inside the room. But as we wandered the house we found a cat in every window well (6) approx 1/2 dozen birds in the kitchen (6) and a HUGE Lizard in one of the bathrooms, no cage! By the time we left the house we were laughting ourselves silly and I locked the keys inside the house with all of my showing information! But I learned an important lesson that day. If I hit the correct button on my e-key the last code repeats! Day saved…………

8) This story is probably myth, but it is local. The agent arrived to show a vacant prairie lot, the buyers pulled up in their RV and with Fluffy in tow. The hawk swooped out of nowhere and Fluffy was gone. The buyers turned heal and the RV left tracks never to be heard from again.

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