Victorian Houses around Southern Colorado

Victorian houses are usually categorized as those built between 1840 and 1900. Around Pueblo and Canon City houses are usually smaller than modern day houses. There are exceptions of course. The houses can either consist of many small rooms strung together or one main room with small rooms attached. Many in the Pueblo and the Royal Gorge MLS have been remodeled for modern conveniences. Many exteriors still look like they did originally, made up of granite, stone, brick and traditional frame.

Buyers should have any house completely inspected top to bottom by a qualified home inspector. A good inspector will acknowledge an old houses quirks without killing the sale.

  • A potential buyer looking for a Victorian house should expect things like:
    Small impractical rooms
    The absence of garages
    The absence of closets and storage spaces
    Old wiring
    Old plumbing
    Multi layer roofs
    Old and dieing trees
    Non functioning fire places
    Out of plumb windows,doors and porches
    After all if you were nearly 100 years old you wouldn’t be perfect either, you would have character.

There are numerous houses currently for sale on the Pueblo MLS including houses in Pueblo, Canon City, Westcliff, Rye, Florence, Beulah, Canon City, that are dated 1900 and earlier.

Downloadable list of available Victorian houses around Pueblo Victorian houses Pueblo Nov 2010

Downloadable list of available Victorian houses around Canon City Royal Gorge Victorian Houses Nov 2010

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