What Does Your Roof Do For You?

What does your roof do for you?

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The most obvious answer is to protect your belongings from weather. However, it can do much more than that. A well thought out roof color and design can greatly improve the curb value of your home.

In Pueblo many homes still have 3-tab and T-loc shingles these can date your home and lessen your curb value. T-loc shingles have been discontinued and have not been made by any manufacturer that I am aware of for at least 5years. 3-tabs in our area have always been considered low-end shingles. The reality is that with the large percentage of roofs sold as dimensional shingles the price difference between 3-tab and dimensional is very little. The availability of 3-tabs is also very limited with most supply companies opting to stock very few colors if any at all.

There are some really high end shingles such as Certainteed’s Grand Manor which on the right home can greatly improve the appearance; in my mind they really accentuate the look of a Victorian home. There are many other varieties like the new Highland Slate also by Certainteed that has a similar appearance and also comes in an impact resistant variety that may lower your homeowners insurance rates.

Some people try to match their roof color to the color of their home and in my opinion that rarely enhances either, you end up with a large box of all one color. I prefer well thought out color selections that help define your home and add character without detracting from the value. As with people some character is good, being described as a character isn’t always. A pink house with a tan roof usually looks bad, the same pink house with a black or dark grey roof may look great.

Another note to add is that in Pueblo, CO with our frequent damaging hail storms, and high winds, most people by now should be able to replace their roof, especially anyone with T-loc shingles. If there is any damage at all most insurance companies will pay to replace the roof. When selling your home having a new roof in our area isn’t really news, but not having one is definitely a downside.

Please get with a reputable roofing company and have your roof inspected if you feel there is a possibility that there is damage. Most roofers will inspect your roof for free and even file the claim paperwork with your insurance company for you. Many roofers don’t like to talk about Impact resistant roofs because they feel it will put them out of work, but the benefit to the homeowner in decreased insurance premiums can be very attractive. Impact resistant roofs are just that impact RESISTANT not impervious, very large hail will damage any roofing material.

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