Why Real Estate is Local

Arkansas River in Canon City CO

Arkansas River in Canon City CO

Why real estate is local

A while back my sister called me in a panic. She was on a real estate web site that claims to give you an “estimate” of your houses worth. It’s a nationally known site that I’m not going to give credit to but you would recognize the name if I did tell you. And yes, you will find my name on this site, not because I endorse it but because people find me there. I like to think I offer common sense over what ever this site is selling.

At the time my sister lived several states away from me. In her panic over this site she told me that it valued her home at 20 cents on the dollar. How could that possibly be? I told her to turn the computer off, that site shouldn’t have any creditability. What this site does is drive grief stricken home owners onto the phones of local agents and REALTORS who actually know her area, neighborhood and have a clue what her house is really worth. After our conversation I contacted an agent in my sisters area and politely asked if that agent would call my sister and settle her nerves. Done!

Today I got an email from another of these sites. Several blog posts had been written about some of my local areas by an agent who lives on the Front Range. To the best of my knowledge has never sold or even been to the areas he was writing about. I’ve never heard of the guy, he doesn’t belong to our Boards or Chambers. He was offering regurgitated information from the very site he was posting to. He was offering information for the ENTIRE state of Colorado! I found several mistakes in his information including misspellings, driving directions that go in circles and properties for sale on the State Fair Grounds.  REALLY?

You’ve heard this before, just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true. Yes, I post a lot of stuff on the internet, but one BIG difference is I live and sell in the areas I’m writing about. If I were writing about Grand Junction or Denver I’d be way off base. And do you think for one instant I know these areas well enough to sell them? NOT!

Real Estate is local
, real estate is local…hire somebody who has been to the area you are interested in, preferably lives in the area. An agent who shops where you will be shopping, has been to the local events, knows local merchants… you get the idea.

If you are interested in Fremont County, Canon City, Penrose, Florence or Pueblo West please give me a call or email me. I’m happy to help. Appointments are tight during the summer so give me a heads up on what you are looking for or what you are thinking about selling.

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  1. Dena, great article about the website that scares consumers…indeed!
    You are a true professional and a great credit to the real estate community. Love the Gibson Mansion tour. Amazing workmanship. Cheers!

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